Stand up, drop back: Some backbending instruction for you

A highlight for me from the Confluence was getting dropped back — all the way.

I’ve had a few teachers be brave enough to drop me back, those half-backs or whatever they might be called. You know the ones: arms crossed, back you go.

Tim Miller is the only teacher who has picked me up from a backbend. But he’s never dropped me all the way back — not that I don’t think he could.

Well, one miraculous teacher at the Confluence managed to get me back down onto my hands. Not back up, though. These teachers are smart, after all.

All that is a preamble to say: This video is beyond me. But I’m sure it’s not beyond lots of you.

It’s of Maria Zavala — who helped prep Bobbie for Tim Miller’s Second Series training last summer. It’s how to dropback in Urdvha Dhanurasana:

Maria, I think it is safe to say, is also a good friend of ours. We met for a glass of wine last Sunday, in fact. Maria’s got what is often called “terrific energy.” She’s also a serious student of both practicing and teaching Ashtanga. We think she’s awesome. She’s helped both of us a ton in our practices. She might just help you if you give this video a look.

For those going to Kino MacGregor’s workshop in Los Angeles next weekend, this is where it will be. That’s Omkar 108.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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