Sheer insanity. Lululemon-gate. Too much asana. Call it what you will

Sigh. I feel like we have to have this one on the record here. A link on Facebook just wasn’t enough.

Lululemon has had to pull its super popular Luon black yoga pants because they are too darned revealing. Yeah, all those high school principals everywhere were on to something!

No, it’s actually a little more specific than that. It’s a recent run of the pants that’s the issue, about 17% of stock. Apparently due to “quality control” issues, there isn’t enough material to cover your “sitting bones,” as the backside is so delicately referred to in yoga rooms.

The reason I feel compelled to have it on the record is not because I think it is a super significant story, although Lululemon’s stock did drop as much as 5% on the news and the company is saying that there will be a shortage of the pants for a while. It’s because everyone else does. Here’s just a few of the stories:

The company is in full-on crisis mode. From its webpage (and for those who need to know more, its media release is here):

At the beginning of March, our stores and ecommerce site received some black luonwomen’s bottoms that didn’t meet our high standards. The materials used in construction were the same but the coverage was not, resulting in increased sheerness. We want you to Down Dog and Crow with confidence and we felt these pants didn’t measure up.

We keenly listen to your feedback and it is paramount to us that you know we’re listening. We are 100% committed to doing the right thing for our guests and living our standards. It is with these intentions in mind that we’ve pulled the affected product from our floors and website.


We are committed to making things right so if you purchased product from our store or on our website and you think it is too sheer, we welcome you to return it for a full refund or exchange. If you have any questions please click here for more information, visit any of our stores or contact our Guest Education Centre at 1.877.263.9300.

Full refunds? That’s, what, like $550? I can only imagine what John Galt might think.

Update: You’ve seen it, but let’s keep everything in a neat package. Jimmy Kimmel’s PSA:

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