‘A great time for Tapas’

It’s Spring Equinox, the sun settled somewhere over the equator — to continue the notion of the earth at universe’s center, I suppose — and all other things being equal, it’s “a great time for Tapas.”

That’s Tim Miller’s assessment, in his latest blog post.

I’ve been feeling it in particular since St. Patrick’s Day this past Sunday, coinciding with Mercury turning direct. Some strong practices this week and large classes—it seems that everyone is feeling it, the Sap of Life flowing more strongly through the veins. I find that the more energy I give to my yoga practice, the more it gives back to me. This is a great time for Tapas—the Sacred Fire that removes impurities and brings us to our senses.

It’s also, Tim goes on to inform us, a great time to be reading the Ramayana. Good thing I am.

We missed posting about Tim’s blog last week, which was a shameful oversight as it provided a succinct rundown on Siva. If you missed it, the link is right here.

A couple of other things we didn’t post, and on reflection I figure ought to be “on the record” ala the lululemon fiasco. Matthew Sweeney wrote something in January that, for various Internet reasons, didn’t get much attention until the past week or so. It’s here. Chances are you’ve seen it. I don’t think we had much to say about it because we’ve been fortunate enough to have flexible teachers who have offered us some individualized adjustments to our practices over the years. And the Confluence captured a lot of the ideas about how Ashtanga has changed, how to teach different people, etc. (Plus, I’ll admit I had one eyebrow up, knowing that Sweeney has a financial interest in pushing beyond the Ashtanga bounds since he’s developed his own sequences. Which is fine. It just colored my reading of it.) But it returns to the most popular Ashtanga topic online. And since we want to be a conduit for those items…

As for the other thing, it apparently was so inconsequential that I can’t remember what it was now. Off to my mala.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “‘A great time for Tapas’”

  1. Ha! That’s ironic, I just started reading the Ramayana a couple of days ago! It’s the copy that you mentioned back in February by Ramesh Menon. Even though it’s not a literal translation, it seemed like it would be a good introduction to it and so far I’m really loving it: both Rama’s story and all the old stories and legends about India’s sages and gods. Thanks for posting about it!

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