A bright idea: A shala library

The folks at Brighton Ashtanga Shala have come up with a bright (ahem, get it?) idea: A shala library. Here’s how they describe it:

We have started a small yoga library in the shala for current students. If you would like to borrow a book then please read the notice above the book case about what to do. Book donations are also welcome if you have anything you would like to share. Happy reading!

According to the website, Jess Davies and Laura Cornish are both Level 1 Authorized teachers. And when it says, “Brighton,” it means just that. Brighton, U.K. Not in NY.

This seems like an idea that would work at any number of shalas. It also is sort of quaint in our Internet age. And imagine the traffic one could drive if you advertised, “We’ve opened our library and have found a copy of the Yoga Korunta.” The trick? Always have it be checked out. Maybe by ants.

There are a few other things to point you to, as well.

David Garrigues has a blog post and video up on the slightly less elusive than Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha. Link here and video:


You should check out Tim Miller’s latest blog post. It’s about a universal high-surf advisory (which I think also means that Tim’s gotten back into the water for some body surfing, but that’s just my guess).

And two in the mainstream press yoga stories (which I pass on so you won’t be blindsided by your non-yoga practicing friends who hear/read them). The first: According to the USA Today, Lululemon is denying its making people “prove” their pants are too sheer by bending over for an inspection. The second: The NY Times covers the Bikram misconduct lawsuit. (It might be worth clicking on just to see the “giant” Bikram yoga class from 2003.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “A bright idea: A shala library”

  1. Man one day i’m going to the Himalayas, sit by the Ganga, just me and my chillum, no girls in spandex, pray, get down with my asana practice, sit, eat some rice and lentils and take it all in. It’s a circus out there. Every where you look it’s asana this asana that it really is the new aerobics unfortunately mcyoga is everywhere. I’m just going to stay home and pull my prayers shawl over my head. I’ll bet you anything Bikram and John Friend are talking as I write this planning the new yoga. Maybe hot mud real yoga or Godiva Yoga (nude horseback yoga). Nothing is sacred anymore or maybe it never was…………

  2. I’ve had a small lending library of yoga books and DVDs since I opened in ’09. It’s been a good way to provide somethjng extra for those students who are interested in delving deeper into things like the Sutras or the Gita, but who don’t know where to start. And people have been great about returning the borrowed books, too, for the most part. I’ve only lost one book in 4 years of lending them. Honest Ashtangis 🙂

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