Maybe The Roots yoga isn’t as much like Ashtanga as I feared

Back in September, when John Friend reemerged from his self-imposed exile to announce the Roots Yoga, I thought it sounded awfully familiar. Here is part of that initial description:

A set routine provides the students with something that they can take home and practice each day. The Roots routine is exceptionally detoxifying and transformative for any level of practitioner. When practiced as intended, ‘The Roots’ helps to cultivate focus, stamina, determination, and self-forgiveness, along with many other desirable life qualities. With a set of asana sequences, students will be able to clearly gauge their progress as they practice it on a regular basis.

Well, now I’ve found a video that claims it is part of the Roots sequence, and it doesn’t look nearly as much like Ashtanga as I thought, or feared.


Enjoy. And if anyone has tried it and has practiced Ashtanga, let us know how they compare.

Update, March 28: The video has been “removed by the user.” No idea why:


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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

10 thoughts on “Maybe The Roots yoga isn’t as much like Ashtanga as I feared”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying this but that looks like a great, back opening sequence, except for the last bit. The sideways, leapfrog standing split… Ya that’d be disaster in a crowded room. I’m thinking domino effect.

    I like the music too. It’d be funnier to see John Friend trying to do that sequene in a speedo though.

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