Friday asana aid: Karandavasana

I hear tell that Karandavasana is another one of those Second Series poses. You know, along with Kapotasana.

And that makes it a great candidate for our not every Friday asana aid. Also, there’s this new video of the pose that would seem to request some notice:

Gotta love all the phones capturing video. Just because of the timing, another demo for you to study (i.e. no instruction) that also seems new to the Interweb:

There is a ton of demo videos for this pose — which probably proves its position as one of those poses.

OK, on with the show. This first one is a bit hard to hear, but it’s Tim Miller and so we are guru-contractually obligated to begin with it:

Next, a Kino MacGregor video (with more than 25,000 views, which is a lot of Karandavasaners):

More instruction:

And a teacher, Greg Nardi, with a student:

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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