Famous Ashtangi Paltrow named People mag’s ‘most beautiful’

Super quick, and I won’t argue if you say super superficial, post.

But noted Ashtanga practitioner Gwyneth Paltrow has been named People magazine’s most beautiful woman for 2013. (Hey, at least I’m not upper casing it, as many are.)

I see some references in coverage to her crediting her “workout routine” to staying fit; nothing specific about Ashtanga, although she has to be among the most famous practitioners. For instance, she is featured in the Ashtanga NY documentary. She appears about a minute in to this clip:

In the magazine story, she also stresses that, at home, she’s dressed in baggy clothes and looks far from like the world’s most beautiful woman. That’s based on excerpts being quoted in the coverage.

Anyway, here’s the proof:

I’m pretty sure her Iron Man co-start Robert Downey Jr. practices yoga — I’m just not sure which asana style.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

12 thoughts on “Famous Ashtangi Paltrow named People mag’s ‘most beautiful’”

  1. You’re correct – shallow. And had it been about Robert Downey Jr. (yes-he does yoga), it still would be superficial. Bummer post.

  2. I am ashamed of knowing this, but she gave up Ashtanga because it made her “barrel chested”. She now has a partner and they have studios with a “targeted” TM workout routine. Her husband Chris Martin, still practices though.

    1. That explains the idea of her still hanging around the crowd… which seems like about the worst crowd to hang around if you aren’t practicing, too.

      “Hey, wanna go to dinnner?”
      “No. Can’t eat this late.”
      “Well, just wanna go out?”
      “No. Have to go to bed.”


  3. FYI, Gwyneth has not had any kind of a serious Astanga practice since she started having children. She works out very seriously, though, and is actually in the fitness business, having partnered with Tracy Anderson in her NYC studio.

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