‘Rama loves you twice as much as you love him’

Thursday is Hanuman’s birthday, Hanuman Jayanti. (We missed highlighting Ram’s birthday a couple days back. A bit of an oversight, admittedly.)

As we’ve mentioned, Tim Miller will be celebrating the birthday of his Ishta Devata with a puja and singing of the Hanuman Chalisa, with the help of Naren Schreiner from Sangita Yoga. It all begins at 6 p.m.

But before then, you can scoot on over to Tim’s blog and read his subtle and sweet summary of Hanuman’s role in the Ramayana. A taste:

A divine contract was negotiated in the heavens –Vishnu, the Preserver, would incarnate in human form as Rama, and Shiva would incarnate as Hanuman, born for the special purpose of serving Rama with unfailing strength, wisdom, and devotion in his quest to rescue Sita and kill the demon king, Ravana.

These stories are probably what won me over.

And, as promised, more from NPR’s coffee series this week. This time: Does that fair trade label mean anything?

With that, we seem to be back on our old two- or three-post-a-day schedule. We’ll try to back off unless something really earth-shattering — even more than People’s most beautiful list — happens today.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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