Do you live in one of the top 10 U.S. cities for yoga?

Forbes is out with a list of the top 10 cities for yoga in the U.S.

How’d they figure it? Well, we’ll let them tell you:

To determine the top U.S. cities for yoga, we turned to data from the marketing firm GfK MRI, which conducted surveys in 205 markets last year, asking participants whether they practiced yoga, and if so, how frequently and for how long.

Based on that, they seemed to come up with some formula that suggested a certain percentage (like 36%) more people in a given city practiced yoga than the norm for America. That appears to be the bottom-line for this survey.

So, which city is No. 1? True to form of these not-always-so-perfect-feeling lists, the top city is actually three: San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Credit the yoga rooms at Google HQ for pushing it over the top.

The rest?

No. 2: Seattle-Tacoma

No. 3: Philadelphia

No. 4 (tie): Washington, D.C. and New York City

No. 6: Baltimore

No. 7: Boston

No. 8: Portland, Oregon

No. 9 (tie): San Diego and Boise, Idaho

How LA didn’t make the list, I can’t even begin to guess.

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5 thoughts on “Do you live in one of the top 10 U.S. cities for yoga?”

  1. Surprised Austin didn’t make the list either. There are more yoga studios than churches, and that’s really saying something here in Texas!

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