A good time to move and a bad time to move

Saturn, so beware, via indianetzone.com

We’ve been dropping little hints about various “householder” duties lately — dating back at least to the Kino MacGregor weekend — that have been preoccupying us, but truth finally be told, it’s been more “housebuyer” duties.

Yeah. We’re moving. But just into Los Angeles proper from the pseudo-suburbs. The biggest yoga-related news is there is space available to dedicate exclusively to our practice(s). More on that as we settle in properly.

For now, though, as we struggle through the final move, I couldn’t help but take stock of Tim Miller’s pronouncement about how the skies might be affecting things:

We are currently under the influence of sinister planets. Saturn, the “Great Malefic” stands in direct opposition to Mars, “the Lesser Malefic” at 10:12pmPDT this evening. This is one of the most challenging of all planetary aspects. … The upside of this opposition is that it is a time when we can do work that requires great energy, concentration, and attention to detail. It is a good time to lose oneself in some important project, lay low on the social front, take really good care of ourselves, and practice our yoga diligently. As with any challenging Saturn aspect, one of the best remedies is singing the Hanuman Chalisa.

No doubt we’ve got some work ahead of us requiring great energy and attention to detail. And I think it is fair to say this is an “important project” that will keep us off the social scene for a little.

So I’m going to go with the positive spin on how the move will go, and perhaps add a Hanuman Chalisa in for safety’s sake.

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