Encinitas yoga trial begins today

Today — Monday, May 20 — is the scheduled opening of the trial in the lawsuit over the Jois Yoga-funded exercise program in the Encinitas school district.

Exercise program, you wonder? Well, yes — that’s one of the new things (to me, and I assume others) to be found in the U-T San Diego’s preview story of the trial: “A 12-page trial brief filed by the law firm Stutz, Artiano, Shinoff & Holtz on behalf of the school district argues that the exercise program was ‘built from scratch’ with no religious instruction.”

Much of the rest is all the stuff we’ve touched on before from the anti-yoga program folks. (Our look at the detailed expert testimony arguing that yoga inherently is religious is here.) But there is more new stuff from the defense side in the U-T story like this:

The Encinitas-based Coast Law Group, which has joined the lawsuit on behalf of families who support the district’s yoga program, filed a six-page trial brief.

In it, attorney David Peck wrote that the plaintiff’s view of yoga as religious is “myopic,” as the practice has evolved to include broad definitions such as “paddleboard yoga,” “hip-hop yoga,” “yoga booty ballet” and a form specifically for men called “broga.”

So I guess there may be a reason to feel OK with stand-up yoga, etc. Although I suspect there will be ideas pitched about the court that people on all sides aren’t going to like.

We’ll keep y’all up on things as they go.

Update: Not sure if this piece is online only at USA Today or is in the print edition, as well. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from yoga supporters. Probably the most noteworthy thing is its being in one of the U.S.’s biggest papers. Yoga is mainstream, huh?

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