Encinitas yoga trial: Can I get a witness?

A commenter had wondered who might be on the witness list for the Encinitas Union School District in the case of the yoga program gone bad. (I think that should be said in the voice of the guy who did the voice overs for the People’s Court. Speaking of which, shouldn’t this case have ended up on one of the TV courts?)

Well, we have a name: Andrea Silver. According to the latest (and I’m assuming last for a while) U-T San Diego piece, she testified on behalf of the defense and spoke about teaching yoga:

Peck asked Silver if she had heard of a “secret agenda” by yoga instructors to spread Hinduism and whether she has ever worshiped the sun, an elephant or a monkey, all names associated with yoga poses. Peck later asked Jennifer Brown if she was part of an agenda to indoctrinate children in Hinduism or Buddhism.

Both women said no in response.

So who is she? Well it isn’t this Andrea Silver, from Colorado. It’s this one (I’m guessing, based on the Winnipeg locale):

Andrea came to yoga after a career in the fashion Industry and raising a family. After 15 years of practice and teaching  she  is now  well established in the Winnipeg yoga community. She certified at Yoga Centre Winnipeg in 1999 and taught there for many years.  She studies regularily with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin of The Yoga Room (Berkeley CA) and gratefully thanks all of her many teachers – Father Joe Periera, Ramanand Patel, Lynne Minton and Hart Lazer (to name a few!) for helping her on her way.  Andie, guides her students with a light hearted approach in a safe and encouraging environment.  Known for her creative sequencing, attention to alignment & breath she teaches the fundementals of asana, encouraging students of all levels with a firm but gentle touch.  She provides personal attention to small groups at Om Practice, her warm and welcoming home studio.

I can’t find anything online to suggest why she was the chosen witness. Anyone more enlightened than I? (A trick question?)

OK, and one more exchange we need to pass on from the trial coverage:

Responding to questions from Broyles about a poster that was briefly in her classroom and depicted Sanskrit terms related to yoga poses, Jennifer Brown said she did not see any religious references in it.

She responded similarly to several questions from Broyles about religious terms.

“Have you ever attained Samadhi?” he asked, referring to a high spiritual state in Hinduism.

“Since I don’t know what that is, I would say no,” she said.

Also, for those with deeper pockets than ours, here is a link to the online case filing. You just have to enter the following: “00035910-CU-MC-CTL”. Thing is, each one costs like $7.50.

Maybe we can get back to a Friday asana aid next.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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