Video: Ashtanga Yoga Center in 2007 and Ashtanga & family, plus a story on Amma

If you’ve gotten through the piece on Ashtanga and asana, then here’s a trio of videos to help get you through this Monday (a holiday here in the U.S.).

Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Center in March 2007 (must be fairly close to when it opened there). You’ll see several moments that strike me as very “Tim” — his care and humor, but also his serious adjusting and teaching:

David Robson talking about family and the Ashtanga practice:

And then Tim Miller introducing Naren Schreiner and Sangita Yoga:

Finally, the New York Times is previewing Amma’s latest North American tour. From the piece:

With the sort of effort required to navigate a New York City subway car at rush hour, I made my way through the crowd toward Amma, who was perched on a cushioned chair on a stage. One by one, people dropped to their knees and let her cradle them. In a span of roughly four minutes, she consoled a sobbing woman, chatted with an aged man and conducted a wedding. One of Amma’s many attendants, a volunteer who served as her press aide, helped me nudge, wedge and high-step my way to a coveted spot of honor at Amma’s feet.

I asked Amma how she maintained this pace. She smiled. Then she pinched my cheek and began to tickle me — the way a mother might tease a troublesome toddler — and said through an interpreter, “I am connected to the eternal energy source, so I am not like a battery that gets used up.”

It’s a lengthy piece, just so you know.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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