Secrets to keep from getting sick in India, and other things to check out

Quick roundup of things for you.

First, Ashtanga teacher and Ayurvedic consultant Kate O’Donnell passes on secrets to keep from getting sick in India. For instance:

Keep it movin.
I have noticed a direct correlation between constipated types and parasite difficulties.  If you are not the type to poop easy, you may consider getting on Triphala (see Banyan before you travel, and staying on a routine of 2-3 tabs before bed while you are in India, up to a few months. I also recommend a short Ayurvedic cleanse before you hit the road.  You can find information about this here:, and I am happy to consult with you about a cleansing program before you go.

I hope she appreciates I picked that one.

And now, some more:

Your withdrawal period is over. Lululemon’s too-sheer-for-a-time pants are back, thicker where they need to be (or so the company says).

In our effort to keep you informed about the latest yoga morphing craze: Brewga. (Didn’t I just say something about yoga + wine retreats?)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “Secrets to keep from getting sick in India, and other things to check out”

  1. also, dont go to india in the middle of summer. you will burn.
    any other time – the weather is fantastic. I lived in india till i was 20 but i have come to a conclusion that global warming is real and the average temperature is atleast 10 degrees more now than it was 10 years back.

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