Shhh… this is a secret

Just saw that David Garrigues has sent out his latest newsletter, “What’s your secret?” The answer?

Through yoga knowledge you are called to be or to do something special and original. It can be a tiny thing or something more grand or somewhere in between – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it comes from your depths and something entirely unique to you and your relationship to the Source and the greater world.

Take a full look and get on his mailing list, if you like.

I’ll admit, as I have before, I struggle with what a yoga practice is supposed to mean beyond the mat. Does it really call us to action (of almost always the liberal or progressive kind)? What about Pattabhi Jois’ quote, “You take care of your anus, let the universe take care of itself.” (Or whatever variation you’ve heard.) There is a sense, I suppose, if we all did take care of ourselves, we wouldn’t have to take care of anyone else. But we know not everyone is capable. (Would they be if they practiced yoga?)

Although I’m not sure that what DG says strictly suggests some kind of activism in this way. Maybe the “tiny thing” is just being a little bit better spouse, child, parent, neighbor, co-worker.

Speaking of being a better spouse, Tim Miller’s post this week delves into some good and not so good spouses:

The New Moon on Saturday June 8th falls at the very beginning of the Nakshatra known as Mriga Shira, the “Deer’s Head. There are a couple of interesting myths associated with Mriga Shira….Another interesting myth concerns Soma, the ruling deity of Mriga Shira. Soma is the aspect of the Moon that pours its nectar into the materialization process to keep us juicy and fertile. In Mriga Shira the Soma that is offered is called “Prinana Shakti”—the power to give fulfillment. In this myth, the fulfillment sought by Soma is having a romantic liaison with Tara, the wife of Brihaspati, (Jupiter). Brihaspati is the Guru to the Devas. He is also a pujari of the highest order and in great demand to perform rituals. Soma arranges for Brihaspati to be out of town so he can put the make on Tara.

You’ll have to click through to see what happens.

Finally, over at Namarupa this photo is featured:

Via Namarupa and Michelle Haymoz

That’s from the homa at Chidambaram Temple we participated in during our Yatra. (Bobbie and I are in the middle back.) I pass it on by way of saying you should be on the lookout for more. Stay tuned. (And don’t forget about Namarupa’s next yatra.)

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