Your chance to win Kino’s new book

I’ll admit it always feels a bit redundant to point people in Kino MacGregor’s online direction. It’s not like she’s flying under the radar.

But, for those of you who haven’t seen this, we do pass it on: She’s running a contest, the winner of which gets a copy of her new book.

Here’s the video, but really you need to go to this link and leave a comment to enter.

For those wondering, all I know about the book is that David Swenson, Tim Miller and Richard Freeman wrote blurbs for it, and I guess she goes into lots of deep detail about the poses. As such, it is probably either for those Ashtanga practitioners who don’t have a teacher or those who want to have every bit of information possible. I can’t help wondering at what point we have too much information rolling around in our heads (this is somehow related to the 99% practice, 1% theory idea, I’m sure). I always feel like I’ve had the best practices (or best short bursts during a practice) when I sort of wake back up and don’t necessarily know how I got where I am.

Of course, you can’t get that too much info if you don’t have the resource. So there’s zero harm in having it — I’d just be curious if anyone feels overwhelmed ever.

You have until Monday to post a comment at the above link.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Your chance to win Kino’s new book”

  1. All of Kino’s asana instruction that I’ve seen is really on point.

    You want to hear yoga TMI, try going to an Iyengar class. Though, if you can manage to sip from that firehose you’ll hear amazingly useful things.

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