This is what yoga should be about

It’s easy, and understandable, to touch on some of the lighter aspects of yoga and Ashtanga. The Ashtanga police, for instance. Who doesn’t like complaining, or not complaining, about them?

And have any of us avoided the Ryan Gosling memes? (Show of hands for those who don’t want to avoid them?)

All of these things may not, really, be critical to our yoga practices. Truth be told.

Other things, though, are. And so I strongly encourage you to read all of the latest post from other friend Robbie Norris. In other words, click that link! Here’s a sample:

During five years, less than one percent of the inmates I’ve met have appeared to me as potentially dangerous.  Mainly they are just people who need love, and help discovering their potential.

Most inmates arrive at their first class heedless of the simple logic of cause and effect, and with no recognition of mind-body awareness.  Both these deficiencies are remedied by a fundamental daily yoga practice.  So many broken bodies which yoga could dramatically heal.  Currently yoga is available to all the female inmates; but on the more populous male side, only those who are on one of the two Program Tiers may participate, which means they must have exhibited some inclination to want to help themselves.  The larger General Population I would greatly enjoy teaching — a possibility that the new jail opening next year will offer.

It’s a real joy to share this transformational self-help.  Kristen Lamb will be exiting the jail having learned a fundamental daily yoga practice that has the potential to change the arc of her life.

You can and should read her “love letter to yoga” at Robbie’s site.

And here’s a link to a “dharma” talk with Richard Freeman, recorded this month.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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