Yoga and Bloomsday

We promised to seek out a little more substance to go along with the Lululemons, Ashtanga police and sundry asana styles.

Today is Bloomsday.  James Joyce’s Ulysses is one of those books — heck it may be that book. Here’s one description of it, from a recent Daily Beast piece on books every college student should read before graduating:

The one book everyone should read before leaving college is Ulysses by James Joyce. It is without doubt the seminal novel of the 20th century. But Ulysses makes such intense demands on the reader—and requires such a deep engagement with the history of English literature—that if you don’t read it in college as part of a fiction course then the chances are you won’t—and even if you were to, you wouldn’t understand half the allusions.

—Amanda Foreman is a historian whose A World on Fire was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.

That seems a pretty solid, short description of the novel. It is that to which so many others are judged, from Don DeLillo to David Foster Wallace. (I’m not sure that’s a wide stretch, but you get the idea.) So our encourage of your yoga practice today is, however briefly, make a little union with this work. Online it’s here. Try even the first episode/chapter, or maybe give episode 15 a go. I read it one night — one of many readings — when I wasn’t able to sleep, and it was both the most vivid and most kaleidoscopic experience with the text I’ve ever had.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Yoga and Bloomsday”

  1. I was introduced to the book through a taped interview with Joseph Campbell. He talked about how when he was 15 years old he read this book and it changed his life. I have a heck of a time with this book, well all of Joyce for that matter. I’ll have to give it another shot for the 15th time. It seems this book and The Brothers Karamazov are my nemesis when it comes to reading for enjoyment.

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