“India often leads to the unexpected”

Our title is a quote from Robert Moses–A cautionary remark he often puts in his emails about the pilgrimage itineraries–yatras–he plans with Radhakunda das. The Namarupa pilgrimages take careful planning, so it is with sadness that we report–more than a year out from the next yatra–the unexpected has already happened.

The monsoon rains have caused tragic flooding through the Himalayan valley surrounding the holy pilgrimage town of Kedarnath. The Times of India is reporting a rapidly mounting death toll that may reach 1000, with more than 150,000 pilgrims stranded. Thousands were evacuated by army helicopters. Follow the story here (where in a moment of painful juxtapositioning, you can also find India’s coverage of the massive yoga class in Times Square).

A striking image, via the nbc.com photoblog.
A striking image, via the nbc.com photoblog.

The yatra plans, Robert has announced, have had to be changed–updates on the Yatra Divine website soon. The Times is also reporting that the floods have set back infrastructure in the region by a decade. The temples will be closed for perhaps years while roads into the mountains are rebuilt.

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