Selfies prove it: Yoga (at least in America) isn’t religious

Sure, we’ve been having a bang-up discussion about whether yoga is religious in the comments section of this post (post the Encinitas yoga trial verdict).

Turns out, we didn’t have to waste all that virtual ink. Because this story in the New York Times pretty much confirms that yoga isn’t religious. Headline? Yoga practitioners gaze at their inner selfies.

Here’s your definitive proof of yoga’s own inner self(ie):

But unlike most other Zen seekers, before she does her first downward dog, she sets the timer on her Nikon camera to photograph herself every two seconds. After all, about 245,000 people who follow her on Instagram are waiting to see the results.

Ms. Kasperzak (@LauraSykora) is one of the most popular in a group, most of them women, who post pictures of themselves posing in side crow or handstand on the photo-sharing app, often wearing brightly patterned leggings.


Ms. Turner likes flamboyant leggings from brands like Teeki or Black Milk Clothing. A pair that looks like a mermaid’s scales are a favorite, and a recent shot of her in a standing bow-pulling pose shows her in lower half clad in fuchsia-and-orange stripes. “Fashion and yoga are kind of similar,” she said. “With both I like to be lighthearted.”

Some more-traditional practitioners might disparage what they consider to be purely ego- or vanity-driven selfies. After all, isn’t yoga supposed to be about turning your gaze inward?

I’ll repeat that if you didn’t catch it: “Fashion and yoga are kind of similar.”

The good news is this can be part of Exhibit A if the appeal comes as expected in Encinitas.

Is there a facepalmasana?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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