Friday asana aid: How about Gomukhasana?

Frankly, after well more than a year of doing these asana aids, it is getting harder not to repeat. But here’s a pose we haven’t highlighted via teacher videos: Gomukhasana. I don’t see any of our usual Ashtanga regulars, so here we go:

Another with quite a few views:

This is, I think, our first animated asana aid!

This one seems to have the most views:

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Friday asana aid: How about Gomukhasana?”

  1. the way Gomukhasana is practiced in ashtanga is different than in any other style- namely the feet are supposed to be together. it’s almost like a “reset” pose to me, especially where it’s placed in the series. it also provides a welcome shoulder opener after all those strengthening postures that precede it. but anywho, here’s Kino working with it posted just a few days go:

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