Just what is the stereotypical image of an Ashtangi?

In a comment on our last post — of which, in a non-yogic, very attached type of way, I’m pretty proud — SB asked this question:

Under “Denial”, What is the stereotypical image of an Ashtangi?

Good question!

And, by the way, the full denial section in our exploration of what makes a high-functioning Ashtangi goes like this:


  • Have difficulty viewing themselves as Ashtangis because they do not fit the stereotypical image and because they feel their lives are manageable
  • Avoid recovery help

In other words, your high-functioning Ashtangi doesn’t think of her/himself as an Ashtangi because … well, that’s the question.

What is it these HFAs don’t see in themselves? (It may just be all the other attributes listed in that post. But maybe it is more.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “Just what is the stereotypical image of an Ashtangi?”

  1. Oh… light bulb flashes on! You need to be aware so that when reading the attributes listed in the post you know that you are unaware. Many levels of awareness seem to be operating here… or something like that.

    Thank you for answering my question.

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