Friday asana aid: Urdva Dhanurasana (aka backbending)

Last week, before DG dropped his pain bomb and sent the weekend online Ashtanga discussion in a particular direction, we had solicited requests for asana aid asanas. Frankly, after way more than a year of doing these, we’re running low on poses.

Our winner was backbending. A good choice, as there always are little physical tweaks to be made to help deepen the pose and increase those wonderful benefits from it.

So, sans further adieu…

Up first, David Swenson:

Next, Kino MacGregor:

And then a research suggestion from her:

Chris Croft:

The first of several videos of Richard Freeman at the first Confluence (you can get the other two on the page):

A not too often viewed one by Maty Ezraty:

And finally, a few days ahead of Guruji’s birthday, quick video from 1999:

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