Namarupa flooding aid effort near $9,000 raised

Over the weekend, Namarupa sent out an update on its effort to aid Rawada Village, one of many communities devastated by the June floods in northern India.

Fundraising is near $9,000. Here’s more:

Please remember this is a long term aid project. We are working towards 3 main aims.


RECONSTRUCTION: Immediate relief for hungry villagers unable to reach traditional routes for food supplies. Food packets have been distributed. Sustainable housing is being investigated – particularly straw bale structures.

EDUCATION: The village children walk a round trip of 16 Km a day and are undernourished. $200 (Rs10,000) will support one child per year. This is 50% of the cost. The other 50% will be born by the parents so that they feel they have contributed as well. 10 children have been enrolled in school already. More children are being identified.

AGRICULTURE: Immediate reconstruction of terraced fields is needed. Long term planning is needed to increase yields with less effort.

You still can donate at the PayPal link on this page. And remember that next summer’s yatra will go through this area and include seva.

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