Report: Jois Foundation now Sonima, looks to expand Encinitas yoga program

A couple pieces of news from Encinitas today.

The first is that the Jois Foundation has renamed itself the Sonima Foundation. From the U-T San Diego:

At the conclusion of the Superior Court trial, Jois Foundation CEO Gene Ruffin announced that his organization was changing its name to reflect a broader mission about health and fitness. Sonima combines the names of foundation founder Sonia Jones and Ruffin’s wife, Salima Ruffin.

The second is that on Wednesday morning — right about as we post — the Encinitas Union School District trustees are meeting to consider accepting a $1.4-million grant from the foundation to expand the yoga program, which was the subject of a lawsuit (as I assume you know). More from the U-T:

The new funding, if accepted, would go toward hiring additional yoga teachers — from the current 10 to 18, which would provide two teachers at each campus for grades K-6, he said.

“We’re hiring more teachers so we can ensure all students get access to the twice-a-week yoga program,” Baird said.


The original grant covered the program’s setup and the start of a three-year study about the benefits of yoga in school. Baird said that study aims to weigh the program’s effects on areas such as health, grades and school attendance. He’s eager to see the results but said it’s too early for a report.

Keep in mind, the folks who sued the district to stop the yoga program (and lost, of course) have vowed to appeal. I just checked at their website, which is usually pretty quick to post things they’ve released (we also are on the organization’s mailing list) and no word on when that might happen. Or if.

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