First-hand relief report from flooded India

Namarupa has provided another update on the relief efforts ongoing in northern India, where flooding earlier this summer killed thousands and left tens of thousands homeless — well greater than 100,000.

Also, Namarupa’s own fundraising effort has topped $13,000. You still can donate.

From the relief report by Yoginder Rana:

18 June2013- The fury of the weather Gods abated and we were able to fly to Kedarnath at 6am and started rescue operations from Garudchatti as the regular helipads had been washed away. We flew back to Kedarnath Temple and were dropped there as thousands of survivors were stuck there. There were wide rivers on both sides of temple converting it into a virtually inaccessible island. The connecting bridges had been swept away due to the immense water flow. We set up the first wooden bridge there with the help of wooden logs as they were unable to cross the torrential river Mandakini. The current was very fast and scary and we had to bolster the confidence of the people repeatedly to give them the courage to find a way across. We then made a makeshift helipad for the helicopters to land and in the process rescued more than 150 people.


28 June to 27July– Looking after Operations in Gupatkashi with district admits ration of Rudrapryag to evacuate serious people and pregnant women from villages to nearby hospitals by helicopters. Rest of the time we dropped dry rations to affected villages and working to restore Kedarnathji area.

I feel blessed that God gave me a chance to make my life worthwhile and feel proud and contented by saving lives of thousands of people who were feeling terrorized and helpless in that devastation. I can’t express my joy in words which I felt when I saw the smiles of people whom I saved out of the vast devastation.

Also, we’re hearing that next summer’s Yatra is nearly full, so you may not want to delay any longer and sign up! Only $108 to reserve a spot.

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