Friday asana aid: Shirshasana (aka headstand help)

As I’ve been lamenting, there are only so many asanas one can feature in a weekly asana aid before, voila! All done.

I considered looking all the way to Third/Advanced A, but… nah. Maybe Vasishthasana, but, really… who needs help with that?

And then inspiration struck: The finishing poses! And thus, on to Shirshasana. Up first, David Swenson, which is fun to watch even if you don’t need much headstand help:

Then, Kino MacGregor:

To prove that irony is alive and well at our blog, Lululemon:

And finally, Kiki Flynn, whom I don’t think we’ve ever featured before but did spend a few days on our Yatra earlier this year:

For those who care, I toyed with spelling this Sirshasana or even Sirsasana (I prefer Siva to Shiva) but somehow Shirshasana looks best to me.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “Friday asana aid: Shirshasana (aka headstand help)”

  1. hahaha! that David is a crack up! Kino’s is very helpful. I admit I didn’t watch the Lulu but OK I will and I love that Kiki, she has awesome beauty tips. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I have trouble with sirsasana – even after 9 years of Ashtanga practice, I’m too shy to move away from the wall :/ So thanks for sharing!!

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