What’s the deal with the ‘Yoga Ruins Your Life’ video

Chances are you’ve seen the new Richard Freeman video in which he discusses a topic I’ve seen him be on the record about before: How yoga ruins your life. If you haven’t, you can find it at this link (I can’t get the Vimeo to embed).

What you may not have realized is two-fold:

  • The video is tied to a “Yoga Ruins Your Life” Ashtanga yoga demo, which is taking place at Freeman’s Yoga Workshop on Sept. 7. Details right here.
  • It also seems loosely tied to a revamp of the Yoga Workshop website. Main link right here. I’d call it a streamlining of things, including organizing features such as the “Ask the Experts” into a blog format. It still has all the tremendous resources. I also saw this reminder: “Remember five minutes of practice is far better than none.” Indeed.

By the way, of you checked the stats, the video has had about 8,000 views the past two days, With no science behind this statement, I will say that that seems to be about what Ashtanga-related posts and videos do over 48 or so hours when they get spread pretty widely. You’ll notice the new videos of Sharath do about that; our most popular posts have been right in that range. So it may mean there are 10,000 or so really dedicated Ashtanga students online. Just a thought.

On a separate topic, two things related to the whole Ashtanga in schools story. One, there was a HuffPost Live feature on the topic that included the lawyer for the opponents to the program in Encinitas. See it here if you like. One thing that I think is wrong is the accompanying text says that the lawyer, Dean Broyles, has appealed the judge’s decision that yoga is OK in schools. I haven’t seen that anywhere, including at the website for NCLP. The second item is that CNN has done a piece on this issue. It also has some facts wrong (including that the lawsuit was filed this summer, when we all know it was months and months ago). But if you care, check it out here (that’s a local TV station’s link).

Update: Maybe a little design change, too, at Ashtanga Yoga New York. Or is it just my browser?

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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