Ashtanga Yoga Confluence schedule and registration date announced

I’m going to back into this post a little.

Bobbie and I had big plans this summer to re-vamp this blog, broadening the focus more explicitly, and then buying a house and a few other life requirements conspired against us.

Oh, and a few huge jumps in traffic, which made me as a former numbers-hungry journalist all too pleased. But that made changing URL, etc. a tad more complicated.

So we’re here where we were. But, although we started three years ago with a narrow-ish focus around the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence and its teachers, we never were officially connected or anything like that. And as the blog has grown, we’ve shaped our interests around a few other key elements, including our Namarupa Yatra.

I suspect, once we get around to it, we’ll do some minor tweaks to try to make it ever more clear that the Confluence is one thing and our Confluence Countdown is something else — and that confluence, as we’ve written a number of times, can be a coming together of many things (i.e. our yoga-related interests).

All that is a way to pass on news from the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, which I realize is expected of us, and should be, but only as it is a big bit of Ashtanga-related news. We cover it more for that and less because of any direct relationship to the event (although we cherish the relationships with the Confluence teachers and others involved that we are lucky to have).

The news? The schedule is up and, perhaps more importantly, the date for pre-registration is out too: Oct. 7. So watch for that email. As a reminder, the 2014 Confluence is schedule for May 8-11 again in San Diego.

Here’s a little from the schedule on Saturday:

3:00-5:00 pm – Mulabandha Is Not What You “Think” taught by Richard (asana)
To flow gracefully and effortlessly in and out of poses, it is essential to stay vibrant and grounded in breathing.  This class will be based on a study of the essential and elusive activity of Mulabandha and the strong grounding effect of correct ujjayi pranayama.  Mulabandha is a conjunction of complimentary movement patterns, which open the central axis of the body right up through the root of the palate. We will flow seamlessly through these movement patterns, following the thread of the central axis.

3:00-5:00 pm – The Heroic Journey: The Essence of Sadhana taught by Tim (some asana)
The impeccable character of Hanuman embodies the qualities that constitute perfect sadhana: a strong and agile body, an intelligent and discerning mind and a compassionate and devoted heart. The building blocks of these qualities are called the “three vital essences”: prana, tejas and ojas. In this class we will use asana, pranayama and kirtan to cultivate the three vital essences.

That’s a reminder that there always are difficult choices to make!

And a final thing: We’ve had a few folks contact us about some Ashtanga-related rumors they are hearing. We’re checking around. If you know what we’re talking about and have info, feel free to email us or connect with us on Facebook. Sorry to be oblique on this front, but given it is just rumor, we don’t want to fan non-existing flames.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “Ashtanga Yoga Confluence schedule and registration date announced”

    1. Not sure there will be anything formal. And the only way to check it to look into it. This is one way to do that, is all. It’s rare for this many folks from, I’m thinking, different places, to come to us with one item. We’ll see.


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