Eddie Stern explains why he won’t be at the Confluence, and September is great

You’ve likely noticed that two-time Ashtanga Yoga Confluence teacher Eddie Stern, along with Nancy Gilgoff, aren’t on the roster for the 2014 edition.

We’d heard he’d had a scheduling mix-up, which he’s confirmed on his blog while explaining just what that conflict (as opposed to confluence) is:

Where will I be, you dare to ask? How could I possible be missing such wonderfulness? Well, I’ll be in Prague with a group I work with called the Contemplative Alliance, whose mission is to “create an alliance of organizations and individuals from across religious traditions who believe that inner development is a necessary prerequisite for the positive preservation of humankind.” They are an equally wonderful group of people; a cross knit collection of diverse views, practices and thought systems, coming together to find our places of connection, and how we can use contemplative practices to move towards a kinder, more compassionate world.

Hopefully next year I can join back into the Confluence – especially if they hold one in NY!!!

Ah, the New York idea. We’ve been hearing that since at least when, at the closing of the first Confluence, Eddie brought it up. We heard it a lot this year, too. Perhaps if this year’s sells out, there will be enough groundswell for two confluence: one on the West Coast and one on the East. Without thinking too hard, a lineup could include: Eddie, David Garrigues, Guy Donahaye, John Campbell and Dominic Corigliano. Yeah, kind of heavy on the guys. But there are a bunch of authorized female teachers in and around New York, including our Yatra friend Kate O’Donnell.

But that’s conjecture of the grandest kind. (Another conjecture: An event halfway between east and west, say Boulder?) Rather than turning your thoughts to 2015, I’d turn them to Eddie’s Contemplative Alliance group. He’s got links to several videos from the last meeting of the group in New York. Check it out.

And then I promised that September is great. Check out why, if you haven’t, at Tim Miller’s latest post.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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