Wow, so Neil Gaiman almost did the Ramayana for Dreamworks

About a year ago, we posted about the news that Dreamworks was working on an animated, Bollywood-style movie based on the Ramayana. The news had some folks a bit worried about how the film would treat Hinduism and the Ramayana, itself. There was reason for optimism, given some of the folks involved, but a musical from the monkeys point of view … well, you probably can see where that might go wrong.

We get a pretty steady stream of people looking at the post after having found it based on some Internet search along the lines of “Dreamworks Ramayana movie.”

There’s been a little uptick lately, so I thought I’d check in and see if I could figure out why.

Seems like the movie is on a pretty far back-burner; it may not ever be released. But what really shocked me was finding this at the online home of fantasy/comics writer Neil Gaiman:

I read you were originally offered the Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Script before John Fusco. Is that correct? When was that? Why did you turn it down? Was it called Spirit then?

Not true. The animated movie Dreamworks asked me to do was the Ramayana, for which I did about five treatments before Dreamworks said that they were going to wait and see how Spirit did before seeing if they were doing more 2D (traditional) animation. I imagine Spirit must have disappointed them, for that was the last I heard from Dreamworks.

There doesn’t seem to be a date on that information, and it sounds like what he’s talking about was before the version of the film we mentioned last year. At the time, it was supposed to have a December 2015 release date. So it still could appear, but I am not sure I’d bet on it. The fact that “Turbo” tanked this summer certainly won’t help. (There seems to be zero mention at the Dreamworks website, although it does list that stallion film, but without any real links.)

Anyone want to comment on what a Gaiman Ramayana would be like?

On a separate front, Namarupa has linked over to this piece about the rebuilding efforts in Uttarakhand following June’s massive flooding.

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