Tim Miller rides the Bhav at Bhakti Fest, lunches with KD

On Saturday, Tim Miller went the Bhakti Fest.

On Tuesday, he wrote about it.

Last week, I dropped a quick link to Tim’s blog post about the awesomeness of September and a surprising number of folks clicked through. So perhaps it is worth reminding everyone of Tim’s wonderful Tuesday pieces, and this week’s is on a subject matter I know a lot of our readers fancy. Here’s Tim on the Fest; here he is talking about Krishna Das‘ set:

My favorite was a hymn to the Divine Mother interspersed with the chorus from the old Journey song, “I Want to Know What Love is.”  I hung in there until 11, but knew I had a two and a half hour drive ahead of me and two classes to teach Sunday morning.  I left with a nice glow and an open heart that made the ride home much more pleasant.   I’m very glad I went.  My friends always told me it was my kind of vibe and they were right–I don’t know why it took me five years to get there.  If Bhakti Fest ever invites me to teach again I will say yes.

There are two other reasons you ought to take a look at his full piece. The first is the story retold from his lunch with KD, concerning Neem Karoli Baba, Ram Dass and the infamous hit of acid that Ram Dass once gave his teacher. Did the tab really have zero effect on the Indian guru? You’ll have to read it to find out.

The second illustrates the impact on people that Shyamdas had. We linked through to Namarupa’s special issue on him after he passed away in February.

I always hear good and bad things about Bhakti Fest (is there anything one doesn’t hear good and bad things about, though?). Tim paints a picture that shines through with all the good.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

3 thoughts on “Tim Miller rides the Bhav at Bhakti Fest, lunches with KD”

  1. I watched all the videos of the festival last night on their site. It looked pretty cool. I didn’t see too many photos of kids so i’m wondering how family friendly? Also wondering how accessible it would be for a wheel chair bound person? Might have to check it out next year. Tim’s post was great! He’s coming to Victoria next month might have to check it out. Tim Miller Oct – 25 to 27th at Ashtanga Yoga Victoria http://www.ashtanga-yoga-victoria.com/tim-miller.html

  2. It’s wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. It’s a few thousand people chanting the Divine Name and doing yoga for four days in one of the most beautiful places on earth. There is no meat, drugs or alcohol—the energy is as sattvic as it gets for a festival. There is incredible diversity, and even though we don’t all love ALL the music or yoga, it’s easy to find something to appreciate about it. There are lots of kids there. And a pool. 🙂

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