Sharath’s video on Uttakatasana & Veerabhadrasana is now up

I know there was a brief moment when everyone saw that Sharath had added a second video to his Youtube channel, and then he took it down. The description is short and sweet: “Proper vinyasa for Uttakatasana & Veerabhadrasana.”

Speculation I’ve heard is there might have been a missed beat or two. Who knows. Anyway, the video is back up. Forty-five views right now. I’m sure that will climb.

Does this count as an “evolution” of Ashtanga? I wonder what the reaction will be across the Ashtanga spectrum.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

9 thoughts on “Sharath’s video on Uttakatasana & Veerabhadrasana is now up”

  1. Everytime I watch a video of Sharath it amazes me how he does things and alignments that all my teachers have always told me NOT to do. I am not questioning either Sharath’s or any of my teachers’ authority but I cannot help to feel confused.

  2. Oh no, I did not see a bakasana nor eka pada kuninasana (maybe I got that name wrong). Other notable things are the alignment of the bent knees in vira 1 and 2, the shorter stance in those and also not looking up completely through the right side left side transition in vira 1, also lots of bending in knees and elbows…. Overall, a more relaxed vira than we practice but oddly more advanced hand balances which I thought he was moving away from…

    Interesting, none the less….

  3. and what about the feet falling apart in upward dog? been studying with Sharath for a few months and actually got better adjustments than what I see here.

    1. I spoke with a senior Iyengar teacher at my studio about the video. She brought the insightful teaching that there is a message that he is putting forth that we are not receiving.

      The question then is what is the message he is trying to send. He is a lot smarter than having something “half done” up. What I get is a more easeful practice.

      What do you guys get – other than the obvious alignment issues…?

      1. That’s a very interesting point of view Nick! Actually, each time I’m having a conversation with indian people, I get the message they are a lot more relaxed than we are in the West. Nonetheless, if the matter is keeping safe, I still attribute to that a lot of importance. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. I think it’s waaaay to much hoopla for nothing. It’s super minor….unless you were doing flips prior to landing in utkatasana. 🙂

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