Tim Miller helps on Garbha Pindasana to Kukkutasana

A few posts ago I lamented the lack of video of the senior Western Ashtanga teachers.

Today I spent a little time searching, and it pretty much confirmed my earlier suspicion: There’s a dearth. Confluence video is an exception. Those may one day be highly valued, I think.

There are, of course, some old videos of Tim Miller, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, etc. Back when, you know, they were making videos and not getting something ready to post online.

Here’s one video I found from a few years back of Tim assisting with Garbha Pindasana and Kukkutasana.

As with much of Tim’s trainings, there’s a lightness and humor to it all.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “Tim Miller helps on Garbha Pindasana to Kukkutasana”

  1. I think that the issue is just that they don’t want the footage published…I have a ton of footage of Richard freeman teaching, and hours of recordings of him talking about yogic philosophy but I think these guys want to have some control over what is published so they ask students to keep recordings for their personal use only. I don’t think they want or need to make money or become more widely known with little video clips on youtube…

    1. I agree — and I think there’s a certain generational thing about it (sort of along the lines of your writing they don’t need to become more widely known) — they just aren’t needing to think about getting something online.

      Keep in mind, while writing that, I’m not one who thinks videos, etc. can in any way replace the one-on-one with a teacher. It may be ones like the Confluence videos, in the end, I’m most thinking about: videos that capture the humor and knowledge of these teachers. I’m not sure I need to have Tim or Richard or Eddie demonstrate poses. I’m sure others would, but that’s not my thing.

      With this video, it was just nice to remember all the laughter at the training I’ve done with Tim and during weekend workshops, classes and at Shasta.

      With a fair number of people focused on lineage and the changing (or not) of Ashtanga, it might someday be useful to have a fairly unbroken line of the practice. We do have the great videos shot with Guruji — those will stand.


      1. I would suspect that were the Internet to have existed in the late 70s, they would have been online with videos, etc. — just change the format. Obviously, some are more friendly to that type of spreading of their words.

        I think the idea of the Internet being part of parampara is one that could get a bit of a discussion going. Probably there were similar debates about books and then videos, traveling (we know traveling away from India was a big deal, for instance) in the more distant past.

        Like with any technology, there are good and bad things to it, good and bad uses, good and bad people.

        My point here is that some of the “good people” in my mind aren’t as widely available as I might like. But I ain’t nobody.


    2. I agree with your point that these people might want to control the quality of what goes out but I disagree that they don’t want to be more widely known. Richard Freeman sells his products on itunes, amazon etc he’s everywhere already same as David Swenson. It’s my opinion that in this day and age lineage/parampara is past down through the internet as well as in person.

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