New Ashtanga studio in Greenwich is up and running

I noticed on the always handy Facebook that some folks were starting to “like” Ashtanga CT.

I put two and two together and got … the new Ashtanga studio in Greenwich, where the Jois studio just closed.

Last we all heard from the Jois shala one of the teachers, Megan, was going to continue in Greenwich. It is she who is behind the new studio, which had its first classes on Monday. Website for it (if you aren’t the Facebook type) is right here. And here’s more on Megan:

Megan Riley is an authorized level 2 Ashtanga instructor originally from Ohio by way of Washington, DC, where she worked in higher education for almost a decade before trading the classroom for the practice room.  Megan started a yoga practice after completing graduate work in creative writing at the University of Maryland. She began teaching under the guidance of authorized teacher Faith Scimecca and made her first trip to Mysore, India in 2009. Megan has been fortunate to work with many incredible teachers of this practice and makes regular trips to KPJAYI to continue her studies with  her teachers Sharath and Saraswathi Jois. Having moved to Greenwich in 2012, she spends her free time roaming beaches, cooking, tinkering on new projects, and exploring Connecticut.

This comment isn’t directed toward Megan, but it is one that comes to mind after checking her site out a little. She’s charging $185 per month for unlimited yoga. That seems to be about the going rate for Ashtanga studios; some are $180, and we know others are higher. But this seems to be where teachers are locked in at the moment. Anyone know why that seems to be a price point for Ashtanga?

Update: Peg Mulqueen has answered the question (which initially included a typo that since has been fixed above; we aren’t calling out any particular teacher here, just wondering why $180 or so seems to be the going rate these days. And we know teachers have to make a living; what seems surprising is the general consensus on the cost throughout the country.)

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “New Ashtanga studio in Greenwich is up and running”

  1. A beautiful space with immensely capable and compassionate instruction! I can’t due justice to Megan in mere words, she is so knowledgable and with such a pure heart..Awesome practitioners, fabulous energy…Ready to kick asana:-)

  2. Here in Victoria, BC (Canada) you can practice unlimited Ashtanga Yoga for $95 a month at The Yoga Shala, both Mysore and led classes. It’s even cheaper if you get 3 months or 6 months at once



    Ashtanga Yoga Victoria charges $140 per month, with discounts for students and auto-pay incentives.



    We are lucky to have so much Yoga in Victoria!

    (The oldest studio in town is the Iyengar Centre.)

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