Twice the yoga in prison is twice as good

A great update on his work with inmates is over at Robbie Norris’ site.

Via Robbie Norris’ site: Ruth Tracey mid-practice

We touched on it before, via Eddie Stern’s highlighting it, but Robbie adds a little more detail:

With the inception of the non-competitive, anonymously funded grant last September, I added two classes per week for the ladies of the Richmond City Jail, to the two men’s classes I was already teaching. This joint effort between the donor, TCF, Eddie Stern and the Broome Street Temple board, has been helping me reach twice as many inmates with the same daily practice that has been enormously beneficial to me since I began learning it in 2001 — and I am deeply grateful that the six-month, $12,500 grant supporting my teaching has been renewed for a third period.

But here’s the real key: Thanks to a $5,000 grant, Robbie plans to open a yoga space in downtown Richmond for the 700 or so inmates he’s worked with during the past five years:

This is proving to be critical seed money in initiating my dream of opening a practice space downtown where I will invite the approximately 700 folks I’ve taught over the last five and a half years in jail, to come back to class and resume their practices — and encourage them to bring their families, friends, and neighbors to come practice with them at low cost.  The main focus of the new space will be conveying the Primary Series in a way that anyone who desires can learn and practice it independently or in community with others — regardless of his or her fitness level, destructive habits or station in life. My hope is that over time the space will become a cultural melting pot that is also patronized by MCV students and faculty, Sheriff Department employees, college students, and whomever else wants to come.  Ruth Tracey has offered to help me with whatever chores she can in connection with my endeavor, and I look forward to seeing her grow.  I believe she is embarking on a very bright future of being a healing presence in the world.

On our last post, I said it was a reminder of what yoga is all about — I know Robbie won’t like it put that bluntly, but that’s the best way to describe his work.

Oh, and if you didn’t see the photo on Facebook that including Eddie and Tim Miller, and a couple special guests, click here.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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