A version of the modern history of Vinyasa Yoga that credits Tim Miller

This one sort of jumps in right as Pattabhi Jois heads to Encinitas, but then backs off to when David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff and Norman Allen (you’ll see in the comments — from someone famous in her own right — that the wrong name for Norman gets corrected) were in South India. It’s a year old, but not too many views.

But it kind of gives Tim Miller the credit:

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

5 thoughts on “A version of the modern history of Vinyasa Yoga that credits Tim Miller”

  1. On my Youtube page, I apologize for the error of mis-naming Norman Allen. I repeat those apologies here.

    For the book reference on Miller’s improvisational work with vinyasa, see Miller’s statement in Schneider, Carrie, 2003, American Yoga, p.65.

    Thanks for posting my video, -Eric Shaw

  2. In Carrie Schneider’s book it mentions that Tim took Surya C to some workshops he did at Yoga Works in the early 90’s and that a lot of the big name yoga teachers of today were at those workshops. Out of curiousity, who would those up-and-coming yoga stars have been?

  3. It is also my understanding that Tim Miller is the creator of, or at least had a significant role in, the introduction of vinyasa yoga (power, flow, etc) as we know it today. This video is an attempt at introducing this knowledge however there are a few mistakes that keep it from being a credible piece. 1) Norman Allen as mentioned above, 2) Krishnamattabhi (Eric’s uni-name of Krishnamacahrya and Pattabhi) 3) Manju was Pattabhi Jois’s son not Krishnamacharya’s. These mistakes are between 1:00 and 1:37. I couldn’t watch beyond that. This information is important for folks to have, presented accurately of course.

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