Video: A day with Norman Allen

Norman Allen, one of the first if not the first American to study with Pattabhi Jois, has popped up in our posts recently. Sort of all of a sudden.

We heard a number of tales involving him during our Yatra. There’s plenty more if you want to go searching. On that search, I came across the following video. Enjoy:

Can anyone confirm if that is former NBA star David Robinson at about the 3:30 mark? I can find that he did Bikram, so it is possible.

We are planning to get down to Tim Miller’s today for his Led Primary. We’ll see if it all works out, and I’m sure we’ll report back on it.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

12 thoughts on “Video: A day with Norman Allen”

  1. that is in fact nba legend david robinson. how cool. and thank you for this video, one of the most beautiful recommendations of ashtanga yoga that i’ve seen in some time

  2. the coconut oil she is using at 12.40….it looks EXACTLY like the coconut oil I get from Costco….I’ve never been to India, but you’d think the local coconut oil would be cheaper, if that is in fact what she is using, and there is Costco in India (and that is India in the video ha ha). Mind you, that huge tub only costs about $17 Canadian.

  3. There’s a yoga documentary available on Amazon prime called Enlighten Up – the best part of that movie was when the subject who is new to yoga traveled to Hawaii to spend time with Norman Allen…he steals the whole movie during his five minutes or so of screen time. Thanks for bringing him back to mind. PS – the Hawaii locale may explain the costco coconut oil. 🙂

      1. It’s good but not nearly as good as “Ashtanga, NY” which used to be available on Amazon – that one is well worth the time searching for, has various celebrities and personalities who were all in NY practicing with P. Jois when Sept 11th happened…if you look closely you’ll even see an almost bald and very cute younger Kino in the movie.

  4. Yes, agreed, I’ve seen Ashtanga NY on netflix. I’d heard Kino comment online somewhere about going through an ascetic stage where she shaved her head and wore only organic cotton when her face popped up in the movie I recognized her right away 🙂

  5. Just got back from a weekend with Beryl Bender Birch who first studied with Norman – it was great!! Many friends there were heading to Nags Head, NC next weekend to study with Tim Miller, lucky!

  6. So many thankyous
    to Norman. I had the privilege .. to attend his classes in 95-96. Yes Jennifer, he is one of a kind. I can still smell the boxing club and hear the waves crashing at the old airport.

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