Friday asana aid: Finding your bandhas

I’ll step out on a limb (pun alert!) and say that if you queried Ashtanga practitioners, more would call the bandhas the most illusive aspect to the practice than anything else.

More than dristi. Or the proper breath. Perhaps some small subset would smartly say, “Quieting the mind,” but we can figure they are just being snarky.

And since I’m not sure a video could capture a lesson quieting the mind, we’ll just stick with the bandhas for this week’s aid package.

Up first, an excerpt from David Swenson’s video — which you should own, by the way:

Leslie Kaminoff:

Kino MacGregor:

David Garrigues:


And a final note. A search for “bandhas” also pulls up a lot of “band has” so you can find some music on the Youtube if you want.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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