No more fear of flying

My back-to-basics Ashtanga practice the past six weeks, with its focus on alignment and the stretch of the poses instead of finding my way as deep into the full state of the pose as possible, has yielded a few immediate lessons.

One has been a renewed and, let’s be honest, improved engagement with the bandhas. (If you’re bored enough to look through the Stiff Yoga Guide posts, you’ll discover that I mention finding the bandhas pretty frequently.)

Thursday morning, to keep this story short, I moved from Down Dog to the upper state of Chaturanga, as I prepared to drop myself ever so lightly and gently (note: potential untruths in there somewhere) to the mat for the Second Series Dhanurasana.

But there, in what I guess flow classes call plank, I felt … light. Weightless. I barely could feel where my hands and feet were touching my mat.

It felt, briefly, like I was flying. Or, at least, could fly. Hover. Float. Levitate.

The bandhas were engaged. Especially Uddiyana. For that moment.

And because so often the experience of a yoga practice gets described through sudden moments of awareness, stillness, familiarity, comfort, peace, etc., I will take this moment as something positive.

Anyway, this should lead into a pretty obvious Friday asana aid: Bandhas.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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