Don’t have a month? You can study for a week with Richard Freeman instead

At this point, I think it is safe to say that Richard Freeman’s month-long intensive course of study is our personal Holy Grail of yoga studying.

Other than just being able to retire right now down to Encinitas and fill our mornings with Tim Miller and the rest of our day with the beach.

For those who may have their eyes on that next summer, registration opens Nov. 13.

The big trouble is being able to take a month off of life — yes, I know, something lots of Ashtanga practitioners do. But not all.

And so for those who can’t drop everything next summer, here’s good news: Richard also compacts things down into a week. And registration for his Essentials Immersion opens at noon Wednesday, Mountain Time. The course runs Jan. 20-24.

Here’s the description:

So often, we seem to find gaps in our practice and understanding of yoga. We get confused not just about the bothersome gaps between the great variety of techniques and philosophies, but also about the apparent gaps between alignment and flow, asana and pranayama, theory and practice.

This 5-day intensive will help to fill in some of these gaps. In the morning sessions we will ground our study with an in depth exploration of the internal patterns of breath and alignment found in the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. In the afternoons there will be an introduction to Sanskrit chanting, an introduction to the internal pleasures of pranayama and a comprehensive overview of the foundational philosophies which form the context for yoga practice. We will read and discuss the Kena and the Katha Upanishads, selections from the Yoga Sutras and then learn to appreciate the plurality of approaches to yoga through an introduction to the Bhagavad Gita.

Sounds good. Of course, weather-wise, Tim Miller’s week in Maya Tulum may appeal more.

Update on Dec. 11: Apparently, the Richard Freeman week was so popular they added a second week for Jan. 27-31. There is a wait list for each.

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