Smithsonian yoga exhibit, Baldwin-led opening gala both ready to go

As we noted, the now-ended U.S. government shutdown threatened to postpone (at least) the Smithsonian’s high-profile yoga in art show, which is set to open Sat., Oct. 19. But all is set and back ready to go — although the shutdown did force some changes to the show’s big opening gala tonight and pre-opening events on Friday.

While buried under the shutdown, organizers kept moving ahead, as this McClatchy news story from Wednesday notes:

Breathing deeply, the organizers of a first-ever yoga art exhibit at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, part of the shuttered Smithsonian Institution, found a way to mount a gala Thursday night and a round of programs Friday, all without losing their composure.

The celebration goes on off-site from the Smithsonian property, even as government workers anticipate finally being able to go back to work as Congress appears close to reopening the federal government.

A local alternative paper in Washington details the who, what and where a little bit more (back pre-end-of-shutdown):
And with no speedy solution in sight, museum officials put contingency plans in motion by transferring several special events slotted for this week to alternative venues. A major benefit gala—whose chairs includeHilaria and Alec Baldwin; Her Excellency Nirupama Rao, ambassador of India to the U.S.; and His Highness Gaj Singh II, Maharajah of Jodhpur-Marwar, among others—was moved to the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium this past week. Lectures on subjects ranging from mommy yoga to military yoga were rescheduled for NPR’s new headquarters on North Capitol Street. The Freer/Sackler still hopes to put bodies into “Yoga” for a preview on Friday—but if House Republicans don’t accommodate this week, then the museum will feed B-roll and images to the international news crews it’s depending on for coverage.

You can see why there might have been some heavy breathing among gala organizers, and I’m not talking Ujjayi breathing here.

I can’t find anything about those lectures, but there is a promised screening of a film about the Kumbh Mela.

We have some emails out to friends in the D.C. area and hope (and expect!) to have some on-site reporting for you on Friday or during the weekend.

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