You don’t need to fear Saturn’s malevolent gaze

I know Mercury retrograde is everyone’s favorite awful celestial setting, but a close second surely involves Saturn.

Bad things happen under Saturn’s gaze. We need to beware. We need to be careful. We need to be cautious.

The thing is, if we follow those strictures, we won’t learn anything from Saturn’s teachings.

That’s the message from Tim Miller this week:

One of Saturn’s many names is “Shanischracharya”—the slow moving preceptor. Being the son of Surya and Chaya, Shani is thought to possess the brilliance of his father, veiled beneath the shadow of his mother. The veil of the Mother is the veil of materiality that obscures the spiritual light within us. Saturn is a teacher whose lessons take a long time to learn, and probably would never be learned if they weren’t so painful. He shows us our physical, mental, emotional, and financial limitations—offering important lessons to help us let go of our deepest and most dysfunctional attachments.

You’ll have to click on the link to find out where Tim is in his lesson learning.

And then the question is: Where are you in yours?

Another lesson in slow learning can be found over at Peg Mulqueen’s blog. We’re all familiar with the achingly slow lessons of Ashtanga, right? Not to mention… life.

Here’s Hanuman freeing Saturn and the other planets from Ravana, to inspire confidence (I’m choosing to ignore the comments on the video, which aren’t all positive — whatever is on the Internet?):

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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