Supporters of yoga in schools on opponents: ‘No point in arguing with these folks’

The supporters of the Encinitas schools yoga program have responded to the appeal of the court decision that found the classes didn’t violate First Amendment rights to religious freedom. They’ve been posting at the YES! Yoga for Encinitas Students webpage throughout the lawsuit.

The latest is right here; the first came on Wednesday, with an update Thursday:

There’s truly no point  in arguing with these folks.  Many are so blinded by fear that they fail to see the irony in their position.  They view the U.S. Constitution as a Christian document and urge the school board to be guided by religious beliefs – so long as those beliefs align with their own.

Fortunately, most members of our community are not so closed-minded.  YES! families include people of all faiths, including many devout Christians who recognize that the EUSD yoga program is exercise – and nothing more.  Students stretching on busses and playgrounds should be viewed as a good thing…. not as evidence of an evil agenda at work.  No kids are being led astray.

And from the update (reminder: Dean Broyles is the lead attorney opposing the yoga program):

Several of you have posed a very good question:  In order to end the yoga debate why doesn’t EUSD simply change the name of the fitness program from “yoga” to something else, like “stretching”?  That would seem to be a perfectly reasonable compromise…. but not to Mr. Broyles.

In fact, Broyles has argued that if EUSD were to change the name it would simply be an act of “camouflage” designed to conceal the true Hindu agenda at work.  Broyles believes such “camouflage” is the among the District’s most sinister tactics as it fools folks into believing that acts are innocuous when they actually have religious significance.

Those aren’t really the kicker, however. Not even close. The site also includes excerpts from an email sent to Encinitas Union School District board members from an opponent of the yoga classes. It opens: “I just returned from the presentation by Dean Broyles and was absolutely convicted and astonished at how we as Christians are being blinded by Satan.”

Click the link above to get it all. Does the email suggest concern for board members’ salvation? Absolutely. So go read it.

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