Why you need yoga

It’s because it’s therapy in this fallen, Kali Yuga age of ours.

That’s the core of the message in Guy Donahaye’s latest blog post:

Somehow man has become the only creature that overindulges: animals only eat when they are hungry but humans eat for many reasons. When a lion has eaten, other creatures are not afraid to be nearby, they know they are safe. The lion does not kill for sport or greed but only to satisfy its energetic needs. It is the same with all creatures, except those which have lived too close to human beings.

From pleasure arises desire for more: greed, accumulation, loss and pain. From pain arises the desire for avoidance: aversion, denial and fear. The play of rajas and tamas: the human torment.


As a result of the stress experienced today, the experience of samadhi has disappeared. Just as we have externally destroyed the natural landscape, we have destroyed our own physical and mental health. We are in dire need of therapy. That therapy, according to Guruji, is “Mind Medicine” or yoga practice.

Speaking of yoga practice, click here to find out who is the latest in Tim Miller’s line of teachers to start teaching yoga. You may be surprised.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

One thought on “Why you need yoga”

  1. This is similar in a way to David Garrigues’ recent interview on Hatha Yoga, which also echoed Guy’s essay on same. Perhaps this is a back and forth? Nice to read both.

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