A few yoga things not to be thankful for today

We’ll buck the trend, as we perhaps are want to do, of giving thanks today by pointing to a few yoga things we all ought not be thankful for today. And we’re sure there are many more.

  1. Whoa-ga. Horseback yoga to make you say, and we quote: “Namast-Neigh.” That earns a “kill me now,” right?
  2. Foot yoga! “New York fashionistas can seek the guidance of yoga instructor Yamuna Zake to help make walking in their most vertiginous stilettos less painful. Yamuna Zake, 59, offers specialised foot yoga classes, with students bringing in their most torturous pair of high heels to practice a daintier, less damaging walk, The Daily Mail reports.” We get the need, as unfortunate as it may be. But “foot yoga classes?” Really?
  3. Looks like media in Canada picked up the New York Times idea that yoga can be dangerous. (That, for those questioning the import of the NYT, is the point. It sets the agenda, and others pick up and run with these type of “trend” stories.)
  4. Hair yoga. It’s a new book. “Hair yoga is all about hair care, but the difference is one should know what is right for his/her hair. Everyone has different hair and needs different hair care routine which is important to understand, this is what is explained in hair yoga.” Again, we see the “value,” but why the need to tag “yoga” on to it? (You don’t have to answer that, we also understand.)
  5. Yoga pants are the new jeans! Haven’t they been for a while?

Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving to all who continue to read our blog, to those who take the time to comment (as someone who doesn’t comment much on other sites I frequent, I appreciate those who do here and understand why those who don’t don’t) and to the teachers in all forms who help us deepen our practices.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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