Why I finally did full Primary last night

It’s been full-on sick time in our house for the better part of a month. Coughing. Sniffling. Sneezing. You know the drill. The best part was my having to fly for work and my ears/sinuses not clearing for a week. (Yes, Neti pot used.)


And so practice has been a little more hit and miss than normal. I’ve been practicing after work and often half-primary or even less. Half-primary, really, has been a good day.

“You better start doing more of Primary,” Bobbie told me last night, right before slipping into our home practice room.


Because on Wednesday we tied up all our loose ends — meaning plane tickets, hotel — and are officially, can’t turn back now, going to Eddie Stern and Robert Moses’ MLK weekend retreat at Ashtanga Yoga New York.

Yes, we’ve written about it before. How could we not? As a reminder, Robert led our Yatra to India a year ago, and he and Eddie co-publish Namarupa.

For those who missed it, here’s the general plan for the weekend:

6-9 pm Puja
Freedom (moksha) as the essential aim of all actions.
7-11 am Mysore Practice
12-12:45 pm Meditation
12:45 – 2 pm Meditation, Chanting & Yoga Sutras Study
2-4 pm Break for lunch
4-6 Talk: Spiritual Landscape of India
7-11 am Mysore Practice
11am -1pm Break for lunch
1- 3 pm Talk: Essentials of Vedanta
3-4 pm Tea break
4-6 pm Talk: Yoga: Traditions & Lineages
7-11 am Mysore Practice
11am-2 pm Ganesha Temple Yatra – Flushing, Queens

I mention it again because I checked in with Eddie and Robert today and there are still some spots available; they expect them to disappear though, so you are probably better off not waiting.

And if we can travel across the country, I figure anyone from about Washington D.C. to Boston can make the trip.

Not to pressure you.

So that’s my motivation to stop slogging along, semi-mopey from this cold/flu/cough nastiness. In a month, I’m going to have to be back in game shape. Although I do plan to use the three-hour time difference as as much of an excuse as I can for my many “bad man” behaviors.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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