Year in Review: Most comments of 2013

Here’s another in our drifting toward the new year series of looks back at 2013. This time, the posts you commented on the most. Some of these drift back to 2012 because WordPress ranks these based on the past 1,000 comments.

10. How did yoga get so soft and easy? We asked. You answered.

9. NY Times writer at it again: Now yoga hurts women. The gift that keeps on giving.

8. Some thoughts on holding students back in Ashtanga. A popular topic.

7. Is it OK that yoga’s just exercise? In reaction to the ruling in the Jois Yoga case about yoga and religion.

6. Time to try some other yogas? Thanks for talking me out of the idea.

5. The two types of Ashtanga. A little bit of fun got a lot of comments.

4. Jois Yoga in Greenwich is closing. Top news story of the year.

3. Why Ashtanga won’t ever be popular. Yeah, you responded to this one.

2. Why I hate my Ashtanga practice. And why you don’t.

1. Yoga and music. A topic that’s gotten people to stop reading us. But one you liked talking about the most.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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