Playing a little yoga catch-up

If the holiday week — still going strong — has thrown you off a bit, here are a few online pieces that slipped through our usually iron-tight grasp these past days.

Tim Miller subtly suggests that rather than traveling 108 miles or so to practice with him, we’ll have to go all the way to Hawaii. He also recounts a meeting last month with Ram Dass in his blog post last week:

Although I was crashing the party late, I was met with open arms and even had the privilege to meet Ram Das. I told him I really enjoyed his latest book and thought it was the finest piece of writing he’s done—straight from the heart. He thanked me and asked if I was coming to his darshan on Sunday. Darshan with Ram Das is the climax of the retreat, so I made the 50-mile drive from Haiku to Kapili once again on Sunday morning, arriving just as Krishna Das was beginning to chant Sri Ram Jai Ram. Ram Das was sitting at the front of the assembly with 300 malas he had personally blessed, each containing a fragment of Neem Karoli Baba’s blanket. 300 people lined up to have a moment with Ram Das and receive a mala, chanting Sri Ram Jai Ram for 90 minutes until everyone had their darshan and their mala. It was a very sweet and moving ceremony.

Click the link to find out about the travel change. And say it ain’t so.

We highlighted Eddie Stern’s posting of a 1977 talk by Guruji. But he also talked about the benefits of chocolate (good timing) and sent out a new year’s letter.

Robert Moses has posted a video from his recent trip to India. Click for all the info or just view it:

Oh, and as of a few days ago, there were 30 spots left in Eddie and Robert’s retreat next month at AYNY. We’re going — but don’t let that stop you!

David Swenson updated his page with a fairly quick Q&A he did. It’s about gratitude.

And a final reminder: Moon Day is Wednesday, so enjoy the new year’s eve guilt-free.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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