Things passed on by friends: Good coffee news, more yoga in sports

A couple of things to highlight, as passed along to us by our friend Kern and Robert Moses of Namarupa.

First up, although as I write this Stanford is losing to Michigan State in the Rose Bowl, the New York Times a few days ago focused on the Cardinal physical training program for its football players:

Turley considered all that inside his weight room, as he surveyed the flurry of activity around him. “This,” he said, “is real-world applicable man strength.”

This is the era of the strength coach in college football. Strength coaches oversee conditioning in the off-season. They also deal with being allowed fewer scholarships.

Turley is a strength coach, and he is not a strength coach, or not exactly. Strength is not his focus. Function is. Balance is. Flexibility is.

He encourages yoga and hot yoga for his players.

And, close to our hearts, there’s this news from Smithsonian mag about a nasty myth about coffee that’s just not true:

Many parents, on special occasions, let their children drink Coke, Pepsi, or other sugary drinks. Most parents would never consider letting their kids drink coffee.

The reason why one caffeinated beverage is allowed, and the other forbidden? Because everyone knows, of course, that drinking coffee stunts the growth of children.

As much as we hate to give argumentative kids more ammo in undermining their parents, we love dispelling cherished scientific misconceptions. Despite decades of research into the effects of coffee drinking, there is absolutely no evidence that it stunts kids’ growth.

While it isn’t exactly a direct correlation, I’ll remind everyone that my doctor said I should drink drinks with naturally occurring caffeine (i.e. coffee) rather than one that’s been artificially boosted (i.e. colas).

I have to admit, I am tickled by the fact someone passed on a positive story about coffee to us. Are we the official keepers of the “No coffee, no prana” commandment? I’m OK with that, if so.

And, finally, Tim Miller’s latest explains why I nearly severed my hand from my arm today while doing work around the house.

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